Thank You Notes

Today I will spend the morning penning thank you notes.  I will get out my Preppy fountain pen, my stack of note cards, stamps, return address labels, and a few pretty flower stickers I bought to add to the envelopes.  I’ll set myself up at the table in the kitchen that looks out over the back yard with a fresh cup of coffee at arms reach, and I’ll write.

With each note, I’ll take a minute to think about the people they are going to and how they have been so generous and kind and supportive across the years.  I’ll also get another chance to think of my mom, as she is the reason we had a fundraising event in the first place. (She is also the one who taught me the importance of writing thank you notes!)  And I’ll get another chance to write.  I’ll try to put in words how much I appreciate my friends and family, and how I can’t imagine a world without them.

I could have sent a mass email.  It would have been easier and faster, and maybe people would have been just fine with it, but I love the act of writing individual thank you notes,  so off I go.


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