Snow Days

This week, the forecast is calling for a big snowstorm in the Northeast. According to some weather reports, we could have a foot of snow or more! I’ve been waiting for this first snow of the season. To me, there is nothing quite as beautiful as a fresh snow that covers the ground and makes the tree branches look like someone took a thick piece of chalk and drew a perfect line on the top of each one. I love the first snow even more when the timing is just before the Christmas holidays and all of the Christmas lights peek out under the white stuff. And of course there is the dream of a snow day, a day to get up late, sip my coffee, read a book, bake some cookies, and go out in the snow!

But this year I was a bit worried. After all, we all know how to teach remotely now. All of us have the equipment we need, the platforms to teach from a distance, and all of the children and families are set up with Chromebooks just in case we have to shut down or classes have to quarantine. So I wondered if that meant the end of the snow day. I teach a class of first graders who are home every day, so would we just carry on as though it were a regular school day? Would I just get up, get dressed, and sign on to my Zoom meeting? Would my first graders have to sit on a computer all day instead of sipping hot chocolate, building snow forts and sledding? Maybe we’d be thankful in June not to be adding days to the calendar, but right about now we could really use a snow day.

The good news came in an email from the Superintendent yesterday. We would be having (at least a few) snow days this year! Now, let’s just hope the weather predictions are right! I don’t know about you, but I’m putting a spoon under my pillow tomorrow night!

8 thoughts on “Snow Days”

  1. I hope you get your snow days. Down in the south, we rarely have snow. I can only imagine from books how exciting one would be. We did have snow a few years ago around this time. It was a rare and welcomed sight, and yes, we had a few days off because pipes froze making flushing at school impossible. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hope your wish comes true. Here in coastal south India, we do not have a winter at all 🙂 But three years ago I was in Germany with my daughter in November, December and January. Our granddaughter was born in November . I experienced my first snowfall and loved every moment of it . Falling snowflakes and snow everywhere is so magical.

  3. I think we will have a lot of disappointed kids…and teachers of this storms turns out to be a bust. My kids will have school… but I’ll be potentially free. When does that happen? I think I’ll put a spoon under my pillow too!

  4. Only in a pandemic do we question a snow day with such depth! I’m with you…a snow day is a relief day an we hopefully will experience one on Thursday! I’m all in for it!!

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